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Free YouTube API Uploading & Streaming is Amazing.

Typically, an educational institute stores the videos on local servers and students can connect to have them streamed to their browsers whenever they want. It is also possible to use a free or paid video streaming network, such as YouTube, Vimeo, WISTIA, Ustream, or DailyMotion to host and stream videos for students to use at any time. Unlike free video streaming services, like YouTube, paid video streaming services provide very professional and sophisticated hosting and streaming solutions, particularly for business and large companies. Usually, these services charge users per video file size and streaming bandwidth which is very costly for schools, universities, or non-profit purposes.
We at PresentationTube [] spent a long time hosting and streaming our videos using a paid service. Actually we enjoyed the service; very kind and useful support. But after we spent thousands of dollars per user view, we moved to YouTube, the king of free video hosting and streaming on the web. Very advanced and high-speed encoding and streaming. Now, we serve the project  for free. It costs us Zero for uploading and streaming videos directly from PresentationTube website using YouTube API.