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Technical Information

Version 1.8.3 NEW, June 16th, 2011
First release December 25th, 2010
All versions of MS Windows.
Windows 7 is recommended.
File size: 7.0 MB
Standard Windows-style setup wizard with uninstall capability.
Supported output formats
WMV (different formats), AVI, FLV, SWF
MS PowerPoint® 2000/03/07/10
DirectX® 9.0 (if not installed)
K-Lite Codec Pack (for better encoding)
USB Webcam and microphone
Freeware for "personal and educational" use only. Using RealShow in a company or other similar scenarios is classified as commercial use and requires a commercial license. The freeware version of RealShow has no limitation on features compared to the purchased version. The only differentiation between the two versions is little caption of RealShow. To buy the full version please use your credit card or PayPal account.

RealShow: Produce and Share Accessible Video Content for All

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RealShow is a research-based project. It provides a free software and video sharing network to facilitate the process of producing and sharing quality and accessible video content for learners in developing regions, particularly in the Arab World. Although producing video tutorials for learners is not a new idea, few simple and efficient solutions have been applied to help educators prepare accessible video and flash content, particularly for those who are deaf or tend to be visual. The software provides a simple technique to integrate popular PowerPoint slides, freehand drawings, text typing, web pages, and direct teacher’s video view in one single window. It allows teachers create video and flash content using several translation techniques, including facial expressions, natural gestures, an…

RealShow: A new way for producing and communicating virtual conference presentations