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PresentationTube Received the Arab e-Content Award

I am writing to you as the Chairman of the World Summit Award which was launched 
as part of the United Nations Summit on the Information Society and which is the 
unique global competition for recognition as the best in e-Content and Creativity. 
As you are aware, you and your product have been entered as
a national best from your home country
 in the Arab Region for WSA 2013 contest.
The World Summit Award Grand Jury 2013 met in Tallinn, Estonia from Oct 28-31
bringing together eminent multimedia and e-Content experts from 18 countries. 

The Jury evaluated more than 400 entries which were nominated from 100 countries 
to the Global WSA. 

The Jury selected also the most outstanding products from the Arab Region in each of the eight WSA Categories as Winners of the Arab e-Content Award 2013. 
I am delighted to officially inform you herewith that your product has been declared one of the
Arab e-Content Winners
 in your category and best practice of high quality e-Content!  
The public celebration of you, your company and product as a Winner will take place 
in Bahrain in the first days of December 2013.

You will receive more details by WSA office and an official invitation to the 
award ceremony by the hosts of the ceremony, the e-Government Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

WSA Office will also provide you with a draft press release, that you can use for your PR activities,
please coordinate also with your national expert, to make sure you get maximum attention.
The Arab e-Content Winners event will provide you with an opportunity 
to present yourself, your company and organisation and your product to a broad 
audience in your region. You will be able to network with other Winners and selected 
contacts and take the opportunity to develop new business opportunities for yourselves. 
I congratulate you and your team again and am looking forward to meeting you personally
at the Arab e-Content Celebrations in Manama!
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck 
Chairman, WSA Board of Directors