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Showing posts from April, 2006

At Alsindibad amusement park

At the first day in Cairo I took my kids to a famous amusement park called Alsinddibad. Too many shows and games are available for boths children and their parents. It was a very nice day.

Abdelrahman in Cairo

I and my family have been in an open trip in Cairo. As shown in the photo, my son, Abdelrahman, in the City Centre explore shops and other places.

Graded houses

I have been on my way to Edfu when I took this photo. Look at these graded hosues over the mountain, looks very amazing in three levels.

Happy Birthday Gran

My kids and their cousins are grouped to take this photo with their grandmother, my mother-in-low, and to tell her Happy Birthday Gran.

Good tourism

At my village Waborat Elmataana during the last weekend. As you see in the background too many tourists cruising on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, which is normal at this spring time of the year. This photo was taken by my son Abdelrahman (4 years old), who appers in yestrday's blog.

At the Nile in Elmataana

I and my son Abdelrahman (4 years old) spent two days at our village Elmataana, Esna City, last weekend. The weather was very nice and Nile was full of tourists from around the world crossing the Nile in a tour between Lyxor and Aswan.