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Happy New Academic Year

Welcome back and happy new year at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. I wish to my students a good and successfull year. Do your best...

Cyclone Gonu hits Oman

A powerful cyclone hit Oman's central coast with strong winds and rain early Wednesday, after thousands of residents fled to higher ground. People were told to stay indoors, while schools and public buildings were emptied to make room for the evacuees. For more photos of the cyclone please visit my gallery at

SQU Cultural Center

Yestrday I visited the Cultural Center at Sultan Qaboos University in a visit arranged by my Department. Really amazing building with the state-of-the art technology and facilities. The completion of SQU’s Cultural Centre, the biggest in the Middle East, is scheduled for mid 2008. The Centre has a multi-purpose hall with acapacity of around 5,000, a huge library, a reception room and accommodation for students attending the Centre for Omani Studies

Dale, Maths and Pictures

Today I have been talking with my students regarding Dales' Cone of Experience, and the importance of using pictures in communicating our messages. A student told me: "I found no maths pictures to be integrated in my teaching". I asked her: "What is the topic and what is the message you need to deliver to your students?", she said "Geometrical shapes are found everywhere in daily life". My answer was: "just go to Google Images and type sphere, for example'.

Playing with Images

I have been playing with my son, 5 years old, and taking some photos for his digital album, when my wife asked me whether the above photo is real or artificial, edited by Photoshop, for example. What do you think?

Heavy Rains Batter Sultanate of Oman

Muscat received its first major downpour of the winter when heavy rains lashed the city and many other places of Oman yesterday