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How to Use PresentationTube

PresentationTube is a video presentation sharing network developed to help teachers, students, and business professionals produce and share quality video presentations. PresentationTube offers a free video presentation recorder that synchronizes a variety of visual aids, including presenter's audio and video footage, PowerPoint slides, drawings, text, and web content. It involves the audience via scrollable slide thumbnails and discussions, with unlimited video storage and delivery.

How to start recording and sharing your video presentations?
Record video presentation: Download PresentationTube Recorder and start recording and narrating your presentations using PowerPoint slides, written text, drawing, and web content.
Upload video:  Upload your video file to PresentationTube network and enjoy the new and interactive features of video presentations.
Share your video presentation: Share your video presentation via email and social networks, or embed the video presentation in your c…

Meaningful Integration of Technology

Despite wide investments in technology use in education, many teachers are not able to adopt technology for teaching and learning tasks and the gap between technology presence in schools and its effective use is too wide (Jacobsen, 2001). Many teachers believe that technology integration is a difficult, time-consuming and resource-intensive endeavor and is more trouble than it is worth (Sheingold & Hadley, 1990). The under-utilization of technology is probably a result of a lack of vision of technology's potential for improving teaching and learning (Office of Technology Assessment, 1995) and the difficulty to cross the bridge between technology’s capabilities and curriculum requirements (SERVE, 1996). Dexter, Anderson and Becker (1999) indicate that the effectiveness of technology integration into education is largely dependent upon its ability to engage students into learning. Trilling and Hood (1999) believe that the key in using educational technology is to utilise meaning…