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Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Virtually any Video Format for Multiple Usages.

PresentationTube offers a PowerPoint presentation recorder and video sharing network to help teachers, students and business professionals produce and share presentations in video format. The recorder allows the presenter to narrate PowerPoint slides and synchronize a variety of visual aids, including presenter's audio video footage, whiteboard, drawing board, and web content. PresentationTube integrates scrollable slide thumbnails allowing the audience to move to the respective video content and control both the time and progress of video presentation.

PresentationTube: A New Way for Sharing Video Presentations

PresentationTube, a new non-profit and research-based network for producing and sharing video presentations has been launched by a professor of educational technology early this year. Within few months PresentationTube received a considerable recognition from many teachers and academicians with more than 10,000 visitors a day, 5,000 subscribers, and 500 video presentations in all topics.

Research conducted by Dr. Sadik revealed that although online presentation applications have become the dominant tools because it is both readily available and easy-to-use, a presenter needs to guide the audience through the presentation, keep their interest, and attract their attention.  In other words, if the audience are not seeing and listening to the presenter, then learning from the presentation slides in isolation will be less valuable or impossible.

PresentationTube offers a video presentation recorder and network to help teachers, students, virtual presenters, and business professionals recor…