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Feedback from FauxJoe, a PresentationTube user

We received this feedback from FauxJoe, a PresentationTube user via Give away of the day

Just to be fair to developer, I have to say that installation went flawlessly on Win7 64. After that, it took about 45 minutes to get the program working correctly. Most of the problems were created because my computer is used almost entirely for work and sound settings were all optimized for dictation equipment rather than recreation.

Once I set the video cam as default recording device, the program worked great. Able to create presentation videos much faster than with more elaborate recording software. This will be my go-to program when I need a down-and-dirty quick recording.

Keep in mind that Powerpoint must not be running when you start this program.

Process for recording is very easy:

1. Verify your webcam is default recording device for sound and video.
2. Make sure Powerpoint is not running. Start program and load presentation FROM THE “OPEN” ITEM …

Feedback from Mujer, a PresentationTube user

We received this feedback from Mujer, a PresentationTube user via Give away of the day

Installed fine on PC, Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit. The first “problem” is that v2.0 and not v2.2 is installed. Launching the program automatically also opens my laptop’s webcam. Make this an option, please. Having the camera (and it’s blue or red light) on is annoying, distracting and disturbing. Also, changes made to the Recording Options only apply to one session and must be reset every time the program is launched. (The changed settings might apply to only 1 recording and may need to be reset for subsequent recordings made during the same session but I only made 1 recording.) Please, also add a listing of features to your webpage. There’s little information re in what form/file formats recordings can be saved, on what needs to be done between recording and uploading.

All this being said, I like the program. It’s simple, has an uncomplicated interfa…

Frequently Asked Questions

* What are the bandwidth and storage limits on PresentationTube account?
- There are no limits. Because PresentationTube accounts are powered by YouTube, you do not have to worry about how much bandwidth and storage you use.

* What happens if I upload a new video to PresentationTube after I create my account?
- When you upload a new video to PresentationTube, the video will be uploaded directly to PresentationTube YouTube channel and set its availability to "private or ""public" based on your choice. It will automatically sync to your PresentationTube account. Videos published as "private" will not automatically sync.