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Evaluation in Educational Technology (TECH4102): Course Portfolio

This course is designed for instructional technology students and focuses on the evaluation of educational technology programs. This practical course balances fact, theory and application as it examines the strategies and techniques of evaluation in educational technology. It presents theories and models relating to evaluation and discusses strategies for using it, demonstrates practical applications and closes with a discussion of the value of evaluation in educational technology.
By the end of this course, the student will be able to:Define levels and techniques of evaluation in educational technology.Apply models of evaluation in educational technology.Apply evaluation various strategies to evaluate an educational technology project.Develop a plan to assess technology over the course of the semester. Evaluate student performance in computer-based learning.Evaluate student performance in online learning environments.Explore the strengths and we…

Toufee Flash Craetor

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Technology to promote Arabic online

Global software giant Microsoft is working on translation technology that would make the Arabic language more accessible to Internet users. This is part of its contribution to the ongoing efforts of the Supreme Council for Information and Communication Technology Qatar (ictQatar) to develop more websites with Arabic content.“We’re deeply investing into that,” said Anoop Gupta, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group, in an interview with The Peninsula yesterday. He said Microsoft was developing translation technology that would translate web pages in English into Arabic. It is also modifying search engines to make the language of the Arab world more accessible globally. Gupta said another way to generate more Arabic content on the Internet was to ensure that people in the Arab world become great digital citizens, so that they become a part of the digital revolution. The Microsoft official welcomed developments in Qatar, where many citizens are already blogging …