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The Development and Usability Evaluation of a Standards-Based Gradebook for Faculty

HTML clipboardThe use of standard-based grading and reporting tools is essential to ensure that faculty assessment meets acceptable levels of quality and standardization. This study reports the design, development and evaluation of a standards-based gradebook (RealGrade) for the faculty at Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman. The rapid applications development model (RAD) was implemented to develop early versions of the gradebook. The Gradebook Usability Questionnaire (GUQ) and a series of individual interviews were used to measure participants’ reactions toward the usability of the gradebook and determine the extent to which the prototype is usable. The results revealed that participants found the gradebook effective and efficient in facilitating the process of standards-based grading and communicating grades with students at the University. In addition, they favored the design, flexibility and ease of use of the gradebook. Further examinations of mean differences among participants according to their computer experience and teaching experience were conducted.