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Presentation Tube: A Screen Recording Program that Has it All!

I have spent a bit of time today searching for screencasting programs whereby teachers and students can record what is on their computer screens into a film.  I have previously mentioned Community Clips and Screencast-o-matic on this blog and have now found another wonderful program that lets you do the following very easily. You can record your film and then with a click of a button you can switch between your PowerPoint presentation, Web browser and websites, you can change your webcam position on the screen and even take the webcam off the screen or make your face take up the whole screen, you can draw on the PowerPoint slides and web pages to show annotations when needed and you can do a whole heap more without having to 'jump around from program to program' whilst recording your film (as you can see from the screenshot below that shows the program). You can then save your film as a .wmv file to give to other people on a USB stick or on your VLE/Fronter page.  I really like this program because it does allow me to do these things quickly to explain an idea to other people.  Have a look at it soon. You go to the website: and then you just sign up for an account and after you have signed up then you download the program to your computer (so you can access it anytime without any internet needed).  It will be handy for those subjects whereby you need to explain concept and topics to the class over and over again. This way, you say it once on the film and then the students can watch it anytime to remember how to do it.

A review by Scott MacCrum