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Feedback from FauxJoe, a PresentationTube user

We received this feedback from FauxJoe, a PresentationTube user via Give away of the day

Just to be fair to developer, I have to say that installation went flawlessly on Win7 64. After that, it took about 45 minutes to get the program working correctly. Most of the problems were created because my computer is used almost entirely for work and sound settings were all optimized for dictation equipment rather than recreation.

Once I set the video cam as default recording device, the program worked great. Able to create presentation videos much faster than with more elaborate recording software. This will be my go-to program when I need a down-and-dirty quick recording.

Keep in mind that Powerpoint must not be running when you start this program.

Process for recording is very easy:

1. Verify your webcam is default recording device for sound and video.
2. Make sure Powerpoint is not running. Start program and load presentation FROM THE “OPEN” ITEM ON MENU!
3. Set program program specs for CAM AND CONFIG if needed.
4. When you hit RECORD button, no recording starts until you set output specs. Do this.
5. Make recording.

On start, the “About” menu takes you to a simple help page.

Very important: If you get error messages about Powerpoint stopping running as you experiment, just close Powerpoint and Presentation Tube and the computer should clean up the conflicts and everything will be OK.

Again, investigate your computer default settings for sound and video recording before you decide the program will not work.

Hope this helps.