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Interaction in Distance Education Programs

Search for one of the universities/institutes that provide distance education courses/programs, then:
  • Find information about the course/program (from the university/institute web site), including: regulations, policy, support, materials, interaction, costs, etc.
  • Find more info about types and importance of interaction supported in this course/program.
  • Describe the technology used by the university/institute and students (e.g., printed materials, email, audio/video conferencing…) that support type(s) of interaction, as mentioned in lecture 2.
  • Include your findings in a clear, comprehensive and organized personal message to a distance education seeker (up-to 500 words), and post it to your blog, with links to the institute and resources.
  • Post your message to your own blog then leave a comment at the bottom of this page with direct link to your message.