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Evaluation in Educational Technology (TECH4102): Course Portfolio

This course is designed for instructional technology students and focuses on the evaluation of educational technology programs. This practical course balances fact, theory and application as it examines the strategies and techniques of evaluation in educational technology. It presents theories and models relating to evaluation and discusses strategies for using it, demonstrates practical applications and closes with a discussion of the value of evaluation in educational technology.

By the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Define levels and techniques of evaluation in educational technology.
  2. Apply models of evaluation in educational technology.
  3. Apply evaluation various strategies to evaluate an educational technology project.
  4. Develop a plan to assess technology over the course of the semester.
  5. Evaluate student performance in computer-based learning.
  6. Evaluate student performance in online learning environments.
  7. Explore the strengths and weakness of comparative and non-comparative studies.
  8. Conduct an evaluation study of users' perceptions and technology efficiency.

Your portfolio is the showcase of your work, your skills and your potential for your future employers. The more time and effort you dedicate for a complete and will-written topics, the higher are your chances for getting high score in this course. Each student/team should develop an online portfolio using Blogger. The portfolio front page should include and be limited to the topics below.

General Guidelines

1. Create a separate post for each topic of your portfolio then grab the URLs to use as a reference on the front page of your portfolio.

2. Your front page should include information about your name (or SQU ID) and course instructor.

3. Add an introductory message to the front page, such as {Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. On these pages you will find projects that I have undertaken for TECH4102 course (Evaluation in Educational Technology). }

4. You may choose to include additional components as applicable to the course or a particular topic; these additional components may include, but are not limited to links, graphs and videos.

5. All topics should be directly related to the e-portfolio and demonstrate achievement of standards.

6. The writing should be easy to read with appropriate use of fonts, point size, bullets, italics, bold, and indentations for headings and sub-headings, if necessary.

7. Each of your topics and studies should be accompanied by a caption that articulately explains the importance of that particular work including title, author and date. In addition, the text has to have no errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

8. Reflections should illustrate your ability to effectively critique studies, and to suggest alternative approaches, if required.


1. Evaluation in educational technology
Summarize two evaluation studies in educational technology. The first summary focuses on the evaluation methodology used, in terms of purpose and instruments. The second focuses on the evaluation of specific technology features. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation, upload it to, and link this presentation back to your post (follow the class guidelines).

2. Levels and techniques of evaluation in educational technology

Define the level and techniques of evaluation in a selected study (2-3 sentences only). Site the reference at the end of your definition.

3. Models of evaluation in educational technology

Apply one of the three models of evaluation you explored in this course to evaluate an educational technology project.. This assignment is prepared as a PowerPoint presentation only. Upload the presentation to and post it to No addition explanation is required.

4. Evaluation strategies

Based on evaluation strategies you learned in A3 handout, suggest one of these strategies to evaluate an educational technology project (follow the class guidelines).

5. Evaluation of CAI

Develop a survey/questionnaire/checklist/rating scale to evaluate the technical and pedagogical features of an instructional software then post your instrument to Survey Console. Write a short post in Bolgger describing this instrument with link to the survey at Survey Console (follow the class guidelines).

6. Evaluation of online learning

Write a short paper describing the procedures and strategy you applied to evaluate an online learning environment/course, in terms of student performance or effectiveness of the learning environment/course itself (follow the class guidelines). You have to provide us with the URL and a screen shot of this environment/course, with link to the evaluation instrument at Survey Console.

7. Comparative and non-comparative evaluation in educational technology

Write a short essay (max 500 words) to summarize the strategy applied to evaluate educational technologies using comparative (developmental studies, cost-benefit analysis studies or perception and performance studies) and non-comparative approaches (follow the class guidelines). You should embed a PowerPoint Presentation of this essay under the text.

Students' Portfolios


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